Fujifilm wow XH2S stacked CMOS sensor

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Although still 26mp xtrans sensor but now stacked technology allowing greater and faster data transfer.

At a glance...
1. Stacked CMOS sensor.
2. 1 CF and SD card.
3. Autofocus inherited from gfx100.
4. Video centric features giving Lumix GH6 some competition. Codecs galore.
External raw recording.
5. As with preproduction camera it has firmware issues.
6. Full professional lens system which can't be said of Canon's R7 or R10 apsc offerings.
7. Has a unique fan accessory attachment for cooling body but noticeable fan noise if at high setting but unless it's long hours of usage it is handy to have it.