fujifilm F550exr vs canon 220hs vs ?

Jul 23, 2005
Singapore, West
I am looking for a digicam that is small and light for trips, below SGD400 range.

Apart from Fujifilm F550exr and canon 220hs, what other good digicam falls in this price range? e.g. Nikon?

I need
- 12MP or higher, good image quality (colour, sharpness)
- fast focusing
- good macro mode
- aperture priority and shutter priority modes
- 5x optical zoom or more, OIS when higher zoom is available
- ISO 3200 or high - good noise control important.
- HD video

- best if high frame rate video with reasonable resolution
- Manual mode is a big plus
- RAW format

Long wish list for sub SGD400 I know but there might be other makes I am not aware.

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