Fuji finepix S5000 good??

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Please help!! :dunno:

I am very new to photography and am looking into buying my first digital camera. I am wondering what kind of camera to buy? My budget is around $500-$700 CAD. The camera that I am really interested in is the Fuji finepix S5000. Is this a good camera or no?? I have also heard good reviews on the Canon A80 and the Kodak DX6490 in the same price range. I really like the idea of the 10x optical zoom!! Looking for a camera to take still shots probably alot of nature shots, animals.....ummm and some occasional action shots, some sporting events maybe. Would like it to grow with me as I learn more about photography. I would like to get semi-professional looking shots off of it.....but i guess that really depends on the person behind the camera?? No??

Please I am very new to this so if there is any advice you can give in lamens terms that would be great!!! Thanks :)

Aug 8, 2002
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S5000 is not really suitable for learning purposes, unless u are looking for a spare or fun camera.

Olympus C750 or C740,would be a better choice for the same price or higher for C750.Btw I own an S5000
Reasons (cons)

-No exif data in playback mode, means u cannot check the
aperture,shutter,iso use for the shot
-No histogram
-No selection of JPEG compression
-Flash compensation limited by +-0.6 (not much use if subject is near u)
-no playback button
- No manual white balance

good low light focusing
Low batt consumption
Good handling
Good exposure and color

If u are prepare to overcome the cons, then it is suitable for u.Anyway here are some studio shots done by S5000 using studio flashes.

Thanks for the quick response!! I heard these 2 complaints from a couple of ppl
-No exif data in playback mode, means u cannot check the
aperture,shutter,iso use for the shot
- No manual white balance
Doesn't really matter much to me right now but it might later on when I actually have an idea of what i am doing.
Your pics look AMAZING!! I am very impressed....the only extra equipment you used was studio flashes??
I will look into the Olympus that you mentioned. I want to make sure that I am getting the best deal for that kind of money!!

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