FS: Studio flash, DSLR, Tripod, etc

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A few people ask me WHY I dont PM but got time to post "Joke" on thread. Here's why...

I can't send more than 1 PM per minute. And its VERY irritating to click reply, go to next message, reply and then the system keeps bouncing you out, wait 45 more seconds then RE TYPE again!

I hate this. So if you're keen, CALL my mobile or send SMS! And I do receive tonnes of PMs... (dun belif u ask the moderators --- or are they NOT suppose to read PRIVATE messages???)

So lets say I got 20 PM's, means I must spend 20 mins ONLINE to reply!!!! I not student or rich man stay home do nothing... so I only come online as and when I can and I do not spend 20 mins online everytime! At max 5 mins.... so thats why... some pple may get a reply to PM and some may not.

I hope this clears things up with all of you, vince12132123431 (whatever number) now u know why?

Thanks for the understanding

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