"Fresh Take" Exhibition & Dialogue Session

Aug 19, 2009

Image by Lewis Chu

For last 3 years, 2902 Gallery has been a supporter of the photography graduates from ADM/NTU (School of Arts Design Media, Nanyang Technological University)
to showcase their final year project works. By doing so, we hope to introduce these unknown photographers to the community at large. The gallery will subsequently
select 1 or 2 photographers from each cohort to represent their works. Till date, the Gallery represent works by Mintio who is currently based in Jogakarta, and Joel Yuen,
the winner of UOB Painting of the Year award 2008.

In Fresh Take, 2902 Gallery have selected 7 young talents to exhibit their works with photographers (Mintio, Joel Yuel, John Clang, Sherman Ong and Zhao Renhui)
represented by the Gallery. The show presents photography and video works by Alison Ang, Geraldine Kang, Koh Wei Lian, Lewis Chu, Subi Le,
Tristan Cai and Wong Jingwei. Exhibition runs till Sunday 26th June.

Image by Geraldine Kang


Saturday, 18th June
3pm- 4.30pm l Gallery Workshop Room
Presenters: Koh Wei Lian, Geraldine Kang, Tristan Cai
Facilitator: Gwen Lee

Saturday, 25th June
3pm-4.30pm l Gallery Workshop Room
Presenters: Alison Ang, Subi Le, Lewis Chu
Facilitator: Gwen Lee

Tea refreshment will be provided.
Note: Gallery office library is open to public access on 18 and 25 June

Image by Tristan Cai

Event is posted up on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=218638118169070

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