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Apr 18, 2016
Hi All, This is Navin. I would like to thank you for embracing this page.

The Portfolio
Website: Navin's Photography
Instagram: @6ft2foto

For Communications
Insta DM: @6ft2foto
Mobile: With apologies, will only be disclosed after confirmation of service booking.

About Me
Calm, composed and well mannered.
Rejoicing 2020 as it will be a reboot to my photography journey.
With the greatest of respect for the craft and the other professionals in the industry, this journey shall be fruitful.

I am currently holding a full-time role with unavailability during corporate work hours. (I can recommend a couple of mates who covers these time slots)

My Style
There will always be a mood evident with each capture, which revolves around peacefulness.

I have exposed myself to the craft of photography since 2012.
I have always been passionate about the journey a couple would undertake from loving through the wedding bliss.
The journey has been joyous with several experiences travelling overseas for Pre-wedding photography.

Commissioned Job Experiences
Numerous, multi-racial photography jobs revolving around;
- Events
- Pre-Weddings
- Actual Day Weddings

Quality Assurance

You can expect a hassle-free experience.
You can expect to receive back all the edited high-quality jpg images returned.

Service Affordability

I don't observe the conventional market/hourly rates.
Instead, you get to choose the service rate you would like to bear.
If you have troubles in deciding the type of service/service rate, I could recommend based on your requirements + the benchmark market rate.
Pre-event deposit is not usually required.

Freelance Services

1. The Artistic Shot: A photography service revolving around delivering a small quantity of highlight only artistic shots of the event. (Very Affordable)
2. The Journey Shot: A photography service revolving around full coverage of the event. (Affordable)
3. The Cinematic Shot: A photography service revolving around planning & executing a themed photoshoot. (Least Affordable)


Thank you.

The Love Journey

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