Freelance Photographer


Oct 3, 2003
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Z Productions are a bunch of creatives passionate about doing photography productions and we're looking for a long-term partnership freelance photographer for all our projects. So, it would be good if you are familiar with the different types of photography, as it ranges from corporate to product or events.

Freelance Photographer Responsibilities:
  • Diverse knowledge in using various technical equipment e.g. cameras, lenses, and lighting
  • Determine lighting requirements, composition, background, and product set-up to ensure high-quality photos are produced
  • Communicate well with different stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the event
Freelance Photographer Requirements
  • Positive attitude to leave a good lasting impression on clients
  • Well-groomed and able to discern appropriate attire for the right time
  • Meticulous with details and self-driven to meet deadlines
Budget: 60-80/hr

If you are keen to develop your talent as a freelancer, drop us a text with your resume and portfolio at +65 9728 6677.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview session.