[Free Screening]: Japanese Animation from Ottawa

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Dec 17, 2008
Best of Ottawa –
A Pre-Festival Screening of Animation Nation 2009

Duration: 70 mins
Rating: M18
Venue: The Substation
Date/Time: July 31, 8:00 pm

The Best of Ottawa program showcases many of the outstanding short films presented in the Official Competition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), one of the largest and most recognized animation festivals in the world.

Singapore Film Society is proud to present the Best of Ottawa program as a pre-festival special screening of Animation Nation 2009.

Highlights from the Best of Ottawa 2008 program includes exceptional short animations such as: Andy & Carolyn London's thought-provoking A Letter to Colleen; The Comic That Frenches Your Mind, a brain-melting trip by veteran director Bruce Bickford; The Control Master, a hilarious and suspenseful adventure by Run Wrake; and Chainsaw, the intense award-winning animation from Dennis Tupicoff,

The Best of Ottawa program:

OIAF 08 Signal Film | Ian Lagarde | Canada | 1:35
C'est toujours la même histoire (It's Always the Same Story) | Joris Clerté & Anne Morin | France | 5:00
Cattle Call | Mike Maryniuk & Matt Rankin | Canada | 3:11
I Slept With Cookie Monster | Kara Nasdor-Jones | USA | 3:27
The Comic That Frenches Your Mind | Bruce Bickford | USA | 5:28
A Letter To Colleen | Andy London & Carolyn London | USA | 8:36
The Mixy Tapes | David Seitz & Mike Wray | Canada | 6:00
Último 'Spong Ice' | Bolos Quentes Design | Portugal | 3:02
The Control Master | Run Wrake | UK | 6:45
Chainsaw | Dennis Tupicoff | Australia | 25:10

Admission: Free
Email AN2009@sfs.org.sg to register

SFS membership signups and reel cards available at the door.
Donations to Animation Nation and Singapore Film Society are welcome.

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