Free off-camera flash lesson


Jan 9, 2006
Free off camera manual power flash lesson every first Wednesday of the month.
Upcoming one is 1 June 2022.
Next one is 6 July 2022.
Time is 7-8pm.
Location is Block 19 Marsiling Lane #04-313 Singapore 730019.
The whole lesson will be here as I have to be near my bedridden mom.
Gear to bring : DSLR ( optional ) I have camera, flash and triggers for you to use.
Every lesson is the same, I will do them for 12 months so no rush.
Francis Wong 90070503
No need to text me to reserve slots ( no COVID gathering restrictions ) just wear mask. I only have 25 SMS limit every month.
Don't call me after the lesson start, I will not be holding my phone anyway. The whole lesson will be in the same place.
Everyone is welcome.

Syllabus :
Flash operation.
Flash trigger operation.
Camera, flash and trigger operation and troubleshooting.
Single off camera flash proper exposure.
Single flash lighting.
Questions and answers.

I am talking about manual power dumb flashes, I don't teach automatic TTL flashes.

It is a free lesson for all who want to improve their photography skillset.
I am using a Yongnuo flash and trigger with a Sony camera.