LR Tips Free Video: Using Wacom Tablets with Illustrator


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Sep 27, 2006
The work we do as creatives is hugely influenced by the tools we use. Cameras and lenses, computers and monitors, tablets and smartphones all play vital roles in helping us translate our ideas into tangible results. If you’re someone who uses Adobe Illustrator regularly, you probably have invested in a graphics tablet (or at least thought about getting one). Using a tablet like those from Wacom, can help you draw and paint with precision and flow that are almost impossible to achieve with a mouse. But when you first make the transition to a tablet, you might feel like you’re working with oven mitts on. If you’re in that awkward stage, or if you just want to take your tablet use to the next level, you should check out Kevin Stohlmeyer’s course, Using Wacom Tablets with Illustrator. In the course, Kevin covers the basics of using a Wacom tablet, shows how to customize your tablet for Illustrator, as well as specific techniques to maximize your efficiency and results. In the two free movies below, Kevin gives a starter tour of a Wacom and its controls, and then shows how to customize shortcuts with ExpressKeys. Check it out! Using Wacom Tablets [...]
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