Forum rules and Guidelines for TK Foto

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Feb 18, 2012
Forum Rules and Guidelines for TK Foto

Welcome to the Official TK Foto forum.
This web forum is used by TK Foto for input of experiences, feedback, and announcement of new products as well as sales from time to time by TK Foto.

Your use of the web site is subject to the Terms of Use, Rules and Regulations laid down by ClubSnap as well as TK Foto for the Virtual Shop for TK Foto.
It is hoped that all discussions will be friendly, cheerful, conducive, and informative.
All members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

  1. Please express yourself in a polite and respectful manner and tone.
  2. Name calling, humiliating members, antagonistic, insulting posts will be subject to moderator's intervention.
  3. Inappropriate posts may be removed.
  4. Do not post or include in your avatar or signature inappropriate or offensive images.
  5. Do not impersonate others.
  6. Do not post personal information about people, or send anyone insulting or upsetting private messages, e-mail or spam.
  7. Do not post or discuss pricing information unless authorised by TK Foto.
  8. Do not bring disputes into the forums.
  9. Trolls are not welcome, and their posts will be removed.
  10. Moderators' and the administrator's decisions are final. If you are in doubt about a post, please contact a moderator before you submit your post.
  11. No sales posts or "Want to Buy/Trade" posts of any kind. All such posts will be immediately deleted. There are Buy/Sell sections for this purpose.
  12. Do post experiences and feedback.

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