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Forum Guidelines for Posting of Birds and Nature Images

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ClubSNAP adheres to the principles of birding ethics as stated by the Amercian Birding Association http://www.americanbirding.org/abaethics.htm

Furthermore, as Singapore is a small habitat, ClubSNAP will not permit posting of nesting images of any species that are only rare, threatened or near threatened bird species as identified by Nature Society (Singapore) http://www.nss.org.sg/ http://wildbirdsingapore.nss.org.sg/PocketChecklist2007.pdf

Do not post any active nesting images of any species be it common or rare. Never reveal the location of the nest. If in doubt, do not post the images.

For common species, posting of nesting is allowed ONLY AFTER the active nest period is over.

In certain areas of Singapore, where colony of nesting, occurs annually at the exact same place (some have been going on for decades) , we will not allow members to reveal the location at all times ie. regardless of active or not active nesting period.

For photographs taken outside of Singapore, ClubSNAP does not permit posting of nesting images of any threatened or endangered bird species as identified by Bird Life Red Data Book http://www.rdb.or.id/

Any exception to these posting guidelines has to be approved by the moderators with consultation with Admin. Failure to abide by these principles can result in awarded infractions or even banned from this Forum.

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