Fort Canning Park

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I hope you guys still remember me! :) I'm so sorry for not posting for such a long long time but i've been really busy slacking... lol!

Here are some of the pix i've taken at the Fort canning Park for my Interactive Multimedia Project last semester in school.

An eerie stairwell at the Fort Canning Center... the glass window panes are green, or so i remembered

A black and white picture of the Fort Canning center... Just to make it feels more old and eerie. :)

Here, in this "Battle Box" was where Lt-Gen Percival made the decision to surrender to the Japanese in 1942.


The Gothic Gate exposed. I really like this one..

Fort Green at the Fort Canning Park. This is right beside each Gothic Gate, here is where the thombstones are.

A very war feeling... The 9-pound Cannon


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Apr 29, 2002
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Originally posted by Ling Nightsky
yeah it is... me and another girl on my team almost got a heatstroke that time... lol
try going there earlier... the warmer colours and shadows and the texture of surfaces comes out alot nicer (just my 2 cents of course) :)

And of course, you guys can avoid being dehydrated. ;)

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