FORMULA 1 ING MAGYAR NAGYDIJ [24 - 29 July 2009]

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Jul 19, 2006
Todt to stand for FIA presidency!
Former Ferrari boss Jean Todt has confirmed he will stand for the presidency of the FIA, Formula One racing’s governing body, when the position comes up for election later this year.

Current President, Max Mosley, announced on Wednesday that he will stand down in October from the post he has held since 1993. Mosley has endorsed Todt’s candidacy.

“I think he would be the ideal person to continue but to also extend the work of the last 16 years,” said Mosley of the 63-year-old Frenchman in a letter to the FIA’s member clubs. “He can be relied on in all areas where the FIA is active. I very much hope you will give him your support.”

Announcing his campaign, Todt, who has been involved in motor sport since 1966 and led Ferrari to five straight championships between 2000 and 2004, said: "It is my intention to continue and expand the outstanding work of President Mosley."

Todt has named New Zealander Brian Gibbons and Britain’s Graham Stoker as his preferred vice-presidential candidates and has proposed American Nick Craw, currently deputy president (sport) of the FIA, for president of the FIA Senate.

"I am confident that together we will offer the FIA the opportunity to elect a dynamic leadership team of outstanding experience and commitment," Todt added.

At last weekend’s German Grand Prix, ex-world rally champion and former member of the European Parliament, Ari Vatanen, also announced he is to run for the post.


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Apr 27, 2009
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Looking back at McLaren's record this yr, i don't really have high hopes. Just wish that Lewis can keep his head in the race..
he's won and proven himself enough for the last two years

but i think this year he's rather a goner

let toyota and brawn hve a chance to shine

this spices things up

instead of ferrari, mclaren and renault

it's red bull, toyota and brawn.



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Aug 19, 2004
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Well, Michelle can always accommodate with the crouching tiger position, as shorty todt deploys his hidden... erm, nevermind... :bsmilie:
haha ah todt damn cute. Still miss his poker face in the Ferrari pits. :bsmilie:

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