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for all of us - please be mindful


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Feb 19, 2009

Just read this... reminds me of the case where a couple of local photogs who tied the birds to a stake just to get the pic recently. :(

Many of us birders doesn't agree with the writer's article, not in the sense that the article is entirely false but the agenda of the article seems to pin point at photographers alone. There are bad eggs in every community, and the bad eggs in bird photography is also just a very small potion which definitely doesn't represent the whole community.
People who are rational will have a clear head,but what's worst is that people who just read the headline(without reading the full article) and see the photos will stereotype according to the headlines which is very unfair to most of us.

"Nature under stress from photography boom."
Talking about "Stress" to nature,the first thoughts came to mind was the development in Bidadari which has record of almost half the bird species in Singapore. "Nature under stress" is too heavy a phrase used on us bird photographers.

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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Yes. there is a lot more "stress" put out on our valuable birds from our government housing and urban planning and development agencies... sigh...

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