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Overall very much like those pics in the food review magazines.. I like it! Here's my take:

I like #1 - Sharp n nicely angled.. You may want to to something about the colours though as the meat colour looks rather "blue-black" at the base. But it still looks yummy!

#2's angle could be shifted ard such that the bone doesn't point towards the camera. But the herb gives a nice touch to it..

#3 is nicely done.. yummy..

#4 nice... bright and cheery... not sure if its the compression, but can see the banding / lines on the capsicums esp the red one.

Top view looks gd too.. looks like you're all ready to devour it...

Where's this restaurant? In Perth? is good.

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Oct 31, 2003
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If it's food, it's still does not appeal to me.

Why only bounce on the ceiling? Ever tried to point your flash side ways to a white wall with a small little reflector to fill in on the right or left? Lighting is your weakess point. You need to read more books, do a little more experimentation.

When it comes to food photography, you have to be very critical with it as any small mistakes, it can be seen clearly, even if you have a shallow depth of field.

First mistake I can see is your photos contrast is just a little to high. Which in turn make the shadow details too dark and the highlights over powering which in turn loses all the food textures, colours and details.

Second is the colours as you can see are off. You have to think VISUAL. When someone looks at the photo, they can't smell or taste. So the next best thing is to make the colours more vibrant! Spice up a little more colours as that is how our minds will think. Dark colurs or as you can see on your meat is totally burn. So visually it does not look appealing at all due to the darkness of the meat. Would you eat a meat which looks so dark until you really thought is was burn?

Composition is a little weak but still can inprove. Too dead centre is the main problem.

Just out of the curiousity, which restaurant was this?

Thx for the comments, my contrast is abit high. I'll try more shoots with ur advice and see how to achieve a good image. I tried different angles but doesn't seem right :dunno: . So for food, are warmer colours more appealing ?? So for food are they best taken at small corners or angles ?


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Jul 29, 2006
What lens would you recommend for food photography with Canon 350D


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Jul 9, 2005
hmm...there seems to be lack of glow............
as well as "alluring smell" coming out of the pic

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