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Sep 18, 2004
Hi guys, I need some advice from you people.

I have been approach by a restaurant owner to do food shots (12 pics) for menu, ad, poster, lightbox etc as she saw my food shots in another cafe (Those were done with sony 717). She wanted A0 or A1 print size but I am using D70, so only A3 is ok. She wanted the shots to be like those of Wine & Dine magazine, especially those by Jimmy Ho. Some idea of what she wants

I told her that I will go thru the magazine to have an idea before replying.

I looked at the magazine and those shots looks great. Now, I have some questions.

Current gear: D70 with Kit lens, sigma 70-300 macro
1) Thinking of getting the AF60mm Micro lens for this assignment. Anyone has experience with this lens, esp with food photography? Any other lens to recommend?

2) Print size of A3. I read it before but never tried. Is D70 ok with that? Which print shop do you recommend (Grace digital in Clementi)? I am thinking of test trial.

3) How much should I charge per pic? I had only 1 experience and I was doing it more for fun. Market rate for freelancer like me. My website is

I think its an interesting assignment but I must admit that I feel a bit uncomfortable to follow certain style. I have not established my style in food photo yet but I can go with the direction given by client. Just want to know how you guys deal with it.

Once again, thank you to you good ppl.

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