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Aug 25, 2005
Some of you here may remember Mr Yim Chee Peng.

He recently gave away his book and some talks to CSers about photography at the National Library in Bugis.

Mr Yim have also agreed to be a judge of a local competition, themed, "Anything Food".

He will be selecting ten (10) pictures from works submitted. The selected works will be exhibition at the the cafe, Tapestry Room, located at newly opened Civil Service Club at Bukit Batok (Club CSC@Bukit Batok).

Mr Yim will be present at the opening of the Exhibition at 1400hrs on the 4 Nov. He will be sharing what he thinks about the selected works and any other matter as you may wish to engage him. The format will not be unlike the talks he gave at the National Library. It much depends on what you ask him.

You are all invited to attend this talk/Q&A session.

And you are also all invited to submit your pictures for him to judge. You can submit up to FIVE (5) of your works to this flickr group. (You need to join flickr - its free - if you have not to post your pictures to this group.)

The submission closes on 22 Oct but we can extend it to 25 Oct is there is are requests for such extension.

Please PM me for any clarifications or questions. Of course you can do it on this thread too.

Thanks for you attention.

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