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Mar 13, 2007
Atlanta, GA
1) the white spots!
2) mint leaf can look fresher (w/o the black spots)
3) centre piece, in front, bottom right shadow, results in a loss of edge.
4) w/b & color tone, a little warm? (sorry using an uncalibrated screen now.. might be a wrong opinion)
5) need to show all 4 pieces or shoot them in 4's? i dunno i might like shooting one single piece alone, i.e the nicer looking one, the centre/front piece

just my little opinions, i'm no expert.


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Nov 5, 2005
Serangoon Central
Oh the white spots are some powderish stuff that is sprinkled on the dessert.
I agree definitely the mint leaf can look fresher.
Looks ok on my comp :)
Its a food column pic for my uni's campus newspaper, so yeah... did not really do much styling on the food. They are as it is presented by the chef.

It actually not a black background but a brown wooden table outside the cafe in the evening (7pm). It was relatively dark so yeah, some areas were dark.

Thanks all for the comments.

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