Flower blossom - Would you go when it is less crowded or in the best light?

What time slot would u go?

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Nov 29, 2005

above pictures from google, photographer unknown / not credited.

ok. location is at least 1.5hrs away from tokyo. park is open from 9am to 6pm. sunrise is 5. sunset is 630. i heard from japanese salon stylist that the japanese tend to visit these parks later in the day but i was unsure if that would be the case for sites off the main city. a park of 8 hectares is approximately 400m x 400m, which is not very big and i should cover in less than half a day (ie 4hrs). i;m going in early may shortly after golden week, and there is likely going to be a human sea.

i suspect the best light will be 530-730 and 4-6, though i had no one to actually ask, but for these flowers that drape down from the top, i had no experience and i wonder if my GND will be an issue cos i dun actually have a horizon and likely rely on reflected light.

hence i would like to ask, for those experienced in taking flowers, what time slot would u choose, and any other advices from the gurus here for newbs like me?


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Jul 23, 2007
MHO. just like shopping malls, the general public wakes up late and goes from 10am onwards.

I'd go early.

The ppl keep pouring later.
I've been to Taiwan parks that have them, not Japan, but I think its going to be the same.

Also, many tour groups come in late to sites (probably after the psyco sessions from visiting 'factories' or wholesale 'markets')

My few cents.

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