Flash repair/modification?


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Apr 10, 2010
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here..

I am using an LX5 and have found that using flash improves the quality of my shots, especially indoors and of people. Using an external flash to bounce is my favourite mode these days.

I went on e-bay and bought a lesser known brand called Cullmann, AF-O and apparently its for Olympus cameras and since Lumix uses the Olympus platform, i decided to get it anyway. The camera does detect the external flash, but it does not fire off.

I was wondering if there is any shop someone might know that can modify the flash connection to accept the LX5's shoemount's trigger contact, or just repair for that matter.

Please advice.. Thank you..

P.S. The flash works fine when i depress the test button. And the flash mount still works when i try with other external flashes(just incase someone thinks that the trigger voltage of the Cullmann might have 'fried' the internals)

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