Flash - Master / Slave ?

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Mar 23, 2009

Hi guys, need some expert advise regarding Flash.

- I want to know what is the difference between Master flash and Slave flash.

- If I were to take night shots, considering using together with a Lexus SB3000AF, do i need a diffuser or flash reflector ?

- If i were to use a flash while taking night shots, what precaution or settings(E.g. ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) from the Camera that i need to take note, other that setting it at a higher ISO and slower shutter speed.

*PS : Apologise if my questions were shallow, as i want to venture into night shots therefore need to get my information and knowledge about flash right at the tip of my fingers.

Thanks in advance for those constructive comments and advise ! :bsmilie:


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Apr 28, 2003
Master is the controlling flash and slave is controlled by the master for a dedicated flash controller, like canon ST-E2. Slaves are usually remote flashes, that is, they not mounted on hotshoe of the camera.

If you are using one flash then the difference doesn't matter to you. It is either a master or turned to off position.

I suppose you are talking about taking night portraits, although you made no mention of portraits. If it is just night scene shoots, you should not be using a flash.

Diffuser or reflectors generally serves the same purpose, to even out the light produced by the flash. If you have a chance you should try without diffuser with diffuser or reflect cards. for me, I would use a diffuser, as I think reflector cards are more for indoor. Of course different ppl have different opinion and how you point the flash.

Oh, one thing you left out in your things to watch out for, is a tripod.

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