Fishing by Sunset

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Mar 11, 2004
Trigger Happy said:
to me? solitude, serenity even in company.
how is there solitude in company?

well. I would say that most fishing images that work make good use of lines, be it the rod, water line, horizon, etc. This image is all over the place, i suppose the basic assumption is the guy on the right is the main subject, but the question what is the purpose of the man on the left. he's rather too near the edge to complement the subject, is he in or out?

the ugly bg is unappealing, if colours are almost monochrome why not make it entirely monochrome?

silhouettes work well when they are simple and striking. this one is a bit complicating.


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Apr 20, 2004
IMHO, I can feel the peace in this photo. Just need a little care on your composition
such as having more space on the left for the second person and also crop a tad on the
building on top left.maybe longer shuttle to smooth the water.
Good try... two but individual can be on their own world of solitude.

thanks for the comments guys. this was a scene i came across by chance, so there was no time to think too much about composition, although i did pause to think about the bg buildings. but with the sun setting fast and with no other angles, this was the best angle i had.

why the tight crop in the earlier pic? and why include the chap with the hat? it was simply to provide the tension of solitude even in company with two people close by but not speaking. a change from my usual ROT compositions. :think:

Catchlights, like this?

ok, forgot to crop off the building but you just scroll down, let me know if this works better, although i thought it weird that you get a reflection of the sun without the sun...

btw Hosea, lower shutter speed wouldn't work for this one, i did think of it and there were a few subject-blurred ones as this was a public pond, the angler was moving, and the sun was setting... fast! :sweat:

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