First-timers' table @ next SEED

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May 20, 2003
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1. espn (Be there @ 7)
3.Jadzia(totally new to SEED )
4.sfhuang (3rd or 4th SEED liao, but still a noob)
5. meng(can consider new to SEED)
6. shuy
7. lauLEE (gonna get my first digital camera, 10D on 19 June)
8. xin
9. chaotic (i'll be there!)
10. Revo
11.Joywalker (2nd seed)
12.BearBear (Newbie, extreme shy bear)
13. sonix (collect EOS book, will arrive quite late, around 7)
14. eskie (new new bee)
15. dehuis (yes llook for my avatar and just come if u are too shy even to approach anyone to ask who is larry. hah actually i dunno also..oh UL.. the supreme god or god if the murgos rite if i recalll correctly from many moons ago..)
16. Azure (look for the teddy bear (dehuis') and the A4 cat pix).
17. offspring (to collect EOS book)
18. lOOkingEyes (1st SEED, also to collect EOS book)
19. balefire (1st seed)
20. Fizzy (1st SEED)
21. Kim (2ND Seed but still blur)
22. Ling'er (1st Seed)
33. caseytan (to get EOS book, but in the reserved list )
36.The Kid

Not open for further replies.
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