First time purchase. Brand store vs Retail store


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Jun 5, 2020

This is going to be my first purchase for a camera. I am aiming for a Sony mirrorless A7 series.

I am wondering is there any difference between purchasing from a Sony store VS a retail store like Cathay?

Secondly is there anything i should look out for during my first purchase?

Thank you for everyone's advice in advance. Looking forward to being part of this wonderful community.


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Dec 18, 2003
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if i am not wrong, buy from sony retail stores means you are paying recommended retail price (ie. full price). whereas buying from retail stores like cathay, you might enjoy some discounts if you are paying cash or NETS.

buying from reputable stores like Cathay should be fine. there are staff there who are quite knowledgeable and will help explain some basic functions if you don't understand. upon purchase, they will also allow u to power up the camera and make sure it works. warranty wise, it should be the same as what you will get from sony retail stores.


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Jan 3, 2008
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Shouldn't be any issues with buying the camera.
Where you should be careful about is anything that the sales man puts on the table and tries to push into your bag. There are many eager sales men trying to sell all kinds of stuff (so-called protective filters, tripods, bags, other stuff) on top of the camera and telling you all kinds of stories why you need it. The only advice: Say No, pay, leave the shop and start shooting. Read up about every piece of equipment that you think you might need. Chances are, you don't need it. And for those things that are really required you should have good knowledge why you need it and what the difference of all the different model, makers, types are.


Sep 18, 2019
Yes, Cathay Photo is one of the more professional Camera stores around, letting you try out (at the shop) the camera with various accessories and they are pretty honest. They will not try to sell you cheap filters or 3rd parties at high price to make more money. This is a good shop to go to if you are newbie. But good service comes with a slight premium.

If you dont need much help or explanations, other shops which are pretty good and honest are TK Foto and SLR Revolution. I buy regularly from this 2 shops as well as Cathay Photo.