First Lady Bird Photography launches her new book!

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Hi guys, this morning in the Straits Times (Lifestyle) - Ong Kiem Sian has finally published a book with her collection of bird photographs from southeast asia! I had the privilege of meeting her in the comfort of her home to chat and also talk about her new book!

The DVD that comes with it (36 mins) was recorded and edited by her. I watched it though and it has wonderful coverage of nesting birds and also has a section where there are hornbills in flight - close up! Amazing footage. Proceeds of her book go to the Nature Photographic Society and to ADRA, a relief agency that provides aid to people all over the world where food, water and clothing are needed.

I personally got my copy from her and got mine signed as well~ :) Makes a great gift (for yourself, a friend or a loved one) and I recommend it! It can be used as a reference book as well.

Places to get it from the following fine stores

F. J. Isaacs
Nature's Niche (Botanic Gardens)
Genesis Health Food Restaurant
Revelations Book Store (Beatty Road)
PPCP Online ( - Autographed Books Available

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