First experience with the Canon 9000F scanner A 300 SG$ Film Scanner

Achim Reh

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Nov 1, 2011
Ok, ignoring many of the negative comments I read on the internet regarding the Canon 9000F, I bought one. It was not really my intention to use it as a high quality film scanner. I wanted to used it for preview of negatives, because with my polaroid filmscanner, it takes about an hour to preview 36 images form a 35mm film.

However, reading the specs, I got curious and wanted to find out what this thing can do, and how much of the advertising is really true. 9600 dpi for this price...give me a break.

Anyway, my first impression was, it is BIG. Also, it scanner the same A4 size as my old Canon flatbed scanner, it is around 15cm longer, 3 cm wider and 3 times as high . All plastic, so, handle with care .

Installation was trouble free , plug and play on a mac . BUt if you run lion, you probably need to update the canon driver.

The scanner comes with 3 film holder, a 35mm, that fits 2 stripes of 6 negatives, a slide holder that fits 5 35mm slides and a 120mm holder that fits a maximum size of 6cm X 22cm ( a reason to buy a medium format panorama camera I guess) .

The scanner did his initial job as I wanted, a quick preview in reasonable quality of 12 B&W Negatives takes probably 1 to 2 minutes, including mounting the film into the holder. Thats what I bought it for and this function works great.

But, as I had the film loaded anyway, why not try out the full potential, 9600X9600 DPI / up to 48 bit . I only use the 16 bit grey function, as I am scanning B&W film.

If you want to get into this, first, you need a big pot of coffee. Scanning one 24X36 B&W negative in full resolution takes about 8 minutes.

You are then rewarded with a 250 mb file , that equals a 120mega pixel digital file (and thats only B&W).

BUt is this just a large file , or are there really that much details in ?

I would say , the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Do not expect wonders form a scanner that cost you 300 SG$ , 40 % of its competitor form Epson, and not even the price of a film holder form a pro scanner.

But, the result is not bad at all, don't get me wrong. I was impressed. This quality for such a low price.

Here is a test scan form a Ilfrod Pan-F 35mm , and an extreme enlargement of that same scan.

The scanner is for sure good enough for this kind of film resolution. And form my point of view , it is good enough as a film scanner for for most amateur photographers , who are looking for solution that doesn't burn a hole in the wallet, and still gives a decent quality.

Great product, value for money.

( Sorry, I know, I have some dirt/ dust on the negatives, I am a bit in a rush today)
[/url] testScan-111222-0002 by AchimReh, on Flickr[/IMG]

[/url] testScan-111222Enlarge by AchimReh, on Flickr[/IMG]

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Mar 11, 2002
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thank you for a good write up !

any pics of the scanner itself ? and can it take medium format film ?

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Achim Reh

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Nov 1, 2011
the scanner can take medium format, as stated above " 120mm holder that fits a maximum size of 6cm X 22cm ( a reason to buy a medium format panorama camera I guess) ." Sorry, I am on the way to the airport now, will post some medium format scans only in january.


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Aug 20, 2007
mind if you do another crop of the image at 100%, where the focus of the photo is at, because what you have shown seems to be "out of focus". If possible!! Thanks!!

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