Firmware for Lumix Cameras

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Mar 15, 2005
Hi All
Just to ask if there's any firmware upgrade for the Lumix cameras?

- if do, how to install?
- how to check for existing version in camera?

I heard one of my friends own a Canon D300 and ask say that he'd actually 'crack' his camera so now he is able to use the camera features in Pro mode...(what ever that means...), so I wonder if there's any soft/firmware to upgrade in our camera so that it improves the features perhaps?

Anything else to add on...? :)

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(found in the internet, thought if anyone is interested...


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Dec 26, 2004
If you are upgrading your camera to 3rd party firmware, I would say it would be better to do it after your warranty expires. If not I think flashing to 3rd party firmware might just void your warranty and if anything happens to your camera, the manufacturer would definately not hold responsible for the camera. One more thing to note if there is a power failure during flashing of firmware means the camera would be dead and need you to bring to the manufacturer.

Just my 2 cents, correct me if I am wrong. :bsmilie:

u updated my old FZ1 firmware to FZ2 firmware. it unlocked all the manual settings. worked out fine. i think keith mentioned that FZ10 firmware is out, but u need to go to panasonic to update.
not too sure on dat

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