Firework cum beerfest 20th July


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Nov 22, 2010
Yew Tee
Hi Everyone,

Since national day is coming and there will be fireworks going on next sat 20th July, why not take the chance to get together and shoot the fireworks, enjoy some beer and we can always have some discussion about shooting it before it starts. I will be bring my icebox loaded with hoegarden, guinness and tiger so if u wanna trade beer are welcome to do so.

Meeting Venue: MBS station ( We shall walk about to find the best spot and get the best view on that day)
Time: 1500H

Things to bring:
-Wide angle or fisheye lens
- zoom lens shoot helicopter if u want
-Black card
-Most importantly must have some cans/bottle of chilled beer incase your tired of shooting or cant be bothered to shoot or even just want to enjoy the moment. People thought Im kidding when I said I will bring and those who came for my last national's day outing know Im not kidding.

There are no limit to number of pax but we see how it goes and no one is going to book any slot for you if your late, Last year I chopped half the area ard custom house seats for 4 hours becos they are late, not happening this year.

PM me your HP number and I will pm you mine as well as list your name below:
1. canonmono

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