Finally found a favorite belt pouch for SLR lens :)

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Jul 5, 2007
I have tried a number of Lowepro's Lens Cases (LC) over the years to try and find a good belt pouch for my lenses. All of them suffer from similar problems, including the fact they are big and bulky, they do not pack away well into a bag after a shoot, and they always seem to be the wrong size for my lens. Too big, and the lens falls deep inside it. Too short, you can't fit larger lenses. Basically I needed a LC versatile enough to accept all but the biggest glass in my bag, the important ones being say, 17-40, 24-105, 70-200 f/4. It only needs to carry one lens (so no need for a big pack), but it needs to accept all my lenses and let me sit down.

FINALLY FINALLY found one.. and I really like it! And it is not even meant as a pouch..,1912.htm

It is actually the Lowepro Bottle Bag.. and it is AWESOME :D

The best part about it is that it has a drawstring mouth (with clip to secure it). The smaller lenses like my wide/std zooms can fit completely inside it with the drawstring to prevent them from falling out, and the 70-200 can stick out a little. I can't do this with the normal LC's because their lids don't let anything stick. If I don't zip the lid, the lens risks falling out. The string is the best compromise - it secures the lens AND allows it to stick out just like the bottle. So one size really fits all. (sorry lah.. dun carry my 100-400 on belt.. :D)

Note that none of the hoods fit, so I just remove them. After shooting so many tens of thousands of frames with and without hoods, I'm prepared to take a little bit of risk of flare. It happens far less than one may think. I intend to use this rig for events shooting, not for controlled-conditions where I can set up table, chair, beer, and take my time to rearrange all my lenses :p

And the other thing is that it is basically a mesh bag. It provides no padding to a lens, but it is not needed. It is fully collapsible, can be packed flat when not in use, fits great inside a belt, and more importantly, since it flattens when empty, I can actually sit down without taking the damn thing off unlike normal LC's which get in my way!

Highly recommended for all those searching for a solution to carry glass on the move :)

I just bought one.. I am so tempted to buy another. Oh, and it is less than half the price of some of the LCs I've been buying.. that makes it SO much better a deal.

I'm with you on this one cos I made this same discovery while shopping for a lens case in Cathay Photo two weeks ago. It is more convenient and there is no bulk.

I attached the water bottle pouch to my Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home, and it works very well for me, in terms of accessing the lens (or other accessories). The only thing is that I have to be mindful when setting the bag down, to always do it gently if there is a lens in the pouch. ;)

Best walk around combination - Blackrapid's R-strap and this water bottle pouch attached to your belt. :cool:

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