Filters and Step-down rings

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Jan 28, 2008
Good day, I am a newbie at photography and would like to ask if it's possible to take a clear picture if I equipped my 52mm kit lens with a 77mm (widest diameter, I think) CPL and a step-down ring? I am considering to get new lenses soon and am hoping to save on filter costs.

I had asked one of the technicians at a photography store and his opinion was that taking pictures without vignettes would be impossible if I used such items on my lens. I would've liked to try the items first hand but since I was inquiring over the phone, I couldn't. (I have to order accessories out-of-town since there are no Photography shops around my town)

Would appreciate your immediate help.

Thank you.



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Feb 21, 2005
You can use a wider filter, but the cost of such a filter would be pretty ex.

For a basic Hoya, a 52 cost somewhere around $30-40 for 52mm and for a 77mm, it may be about $70-90. And tat's not including the step up filter ring.

So it would be good for you if you can check out the range of lens you have. Which do you have more of. If you have more lenses which have a 52mm thread, then get a 52mm filter. Get the 77mm one later when you have more of the 77mm thread lenses.

Remember one thing, you can step up filter size, but not down...

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