Filming an Art project in Singapore from Belfast, UK


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Jan 15, 2019
I am a filmmaker and artist based in Belfast, UK. I'm looking for a collaborator for a documentary art project I am starting.

A few months ago I stumbled across a blog post titled ‘When belfast stood for something’, and it inspired a project - now I am making a short documentary about how York St Linen from Belfast has made its way all across the world, even to Singapore and beyond.

I’ve been communicating a lot with the author of the original post and have a lot of material to start making the film - but I feel like I need some video of Singapore, particularly the shop where the author bought the York St Linen (Sin Hin Chuan Kee, a long-time sewing accessories shop on North Bridge Road, Singapore - I’ve attached a photo below) and possibly some footage of Leng himself working in his workshop - I'm based over in the UK and I don't think I'll make it to Singapore any time soon - so I’d love to have some input from a filmmaker based in Singapore who knows the place and might have ideas about what to shoot.

This is a passion project for me, and I have no budget at all - but there's the possibility that a budget will come along later - so I'm looking for someone who would be happy either with deferred payment or a flat fee

Many thanks in advance