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Feb 1, 2002
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erm dun recommende slides here pls (not yet)

seeing my fuji superia 200 shots all heavy blue and green after shooting on sunny day, think shd I ask the labs to NOT adjust or is that the fuji colour? the reds are brownish and flesh yellowy...
but my night shot is neutral, aka same as digicam...
so is it because of the sun?

(no dun recommend slides NOT YET)

anyway anyone knows what are the numbers/letters behind each photo print for? looks like calibration seqs...

and my mom says there's a lot of black in the photos... quite true compared to (gag) compact shots...
is that becos of the process Auto-Levels or is my lens really (gag) that contrasty?

Thirdly grain on ISO200 film is pretty visible, 100 better. 50 and velvias need fridge to store is it? If i keep them in the cam will they leak/entropy?

(ok Slides)
anyone who bought those CANS of slides sell me one or two rolls? ;P

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