Film development in Singapore


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Nov 6, 2014
i have always wanted to learn to develop film myself. so whats the self development scene like in Singapore? What kinds of films can i buy chemicals to develop(Slide/CN/B&W)? and where can i get these chemicals? also what would be some of the basic equipment would i require?


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Sep 6, 2007
For most of us who develop our own film, it's often black and white film. That's because the process for colour and slides is much more complex and require a lot more chemicals and equipment. Even for B&W, be sure to pick films like Tri-X etc. Films like XP2 etc use normal colour processing. You can see it from the box which states C41 processing.

For processing your own B&W film, you basically need a dark bag to spool the film into the developing tank. For the latter, I find those by AP really easy to use. Chemical wise, you need three main ones - developer, stop bath and fixer. If this is your first attempt at developing film, Google those instruction videos. They really help. There's also a sticky which has a step-by-step guide.

You can basically get everything you need from Ruby at Peninsula. They carry all the chemicals you need. For me, the chemicals I use are - Kodak HC-110 (developer), Ilford Ilfostop (stop bath) and Ilford Rapid Fix (fixer). All of them are great and pretty economical. Many people have their preference for chemicals. It's all about trying to see what suits you best. Good luck and enjoy the process