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Mar 21, 2002
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Oh man..... Based on the description and pictures, i could already feel my heartbeat racing! *gulp*

But... I'm thinking, could the pic be a hoax? Would anyone be crazy nuff to do tis?!

Check this out guys. Passion to the extreme:devil:
It seem "photoshoped" heheh...Some hope the last frame does not seem to fit right when you look at his body position in relation to his hand hold and feet position to the edge of the rock face.

If this guys actually did jump back...the thing is how he jumped to that place to begin with. Imagine you trying to jump to that small platform or even the side of it from the right rock cliff with only one free hand and sandals. And too conveniently not showingmore shots of him climbing up to the right cliff face, throw the bag over as he claims and walk off...

Also the lighting seem to be a setting sun when he shoot the shots but when he jump over the lighting got it was easier to photoshop without having to fit in the shadow to the cliff when he jumped and climb back up the right cliff face?

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