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Feeling Nostalgic

One of the way to get over stress and work-related stuff (not that the job is boring or anything but really needed inspiration to be innovative) is to do post-processing on portraitures and apply effects that are as nostalgic as possible. It is a reflection of human nature (perhaps for me). The reality of things is to go forward but the inner self wants to go as far back in time as possible.

I took out a picture of DASHA from Siberia that was captured during one of Ivan's organized shoot and spend the whole morning using tonnes of filters and stagged them through one after another using Photoshop CS and NikSoftware plug-ins. After much dabbling into modern's world dark room tool, here is a picture that finally makes my day.

DASHA from Siberia

Now I can go back and try to figure out how to be innovative ...

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