Fearing GAS attacks

Gear Acquisition Syndrome : when you don't want a new lens or a new camera, you need them all!

I know, it's the wrong moment of the year. Work has been a little busier and a little less useful, hometime more proactive, and outside dark. Plus there are presents to choose, visits to make, people to meet and as the guy said "it's not those enemies are going to kill themselves on their own, you've got to do the job".

You all know what this means: few pics, and an increasing thinking that bright new toys will magically make them while you have a cup or two.
And breakfast.

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In a land where camera shops are nearly extinct, I managed to see all the toys, and touch them all.
G3.. PL3.. PM1.. not better than my PL1 to play with.
5n.. C3.. nice to hold, ugly interface.
X100.. oh beautiful but impractical for now.
X10.. like but has a viewfinder.. don't know.
NX200... oh wow. How did it happen I didn't buy it as soon as I touched it? It's looovely:love:. Well, in that place it's €850 for the 18-55 open box :mad: and "no 16mm kits for you".

Plus, priorities must be considered. Ladies first, and their toys too.

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That didn't stop me from a long walk, and a few things for me.

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In the end, I'm almost decided. In a few months, it will all be sorted out. I think I'll sit this mu43 generation out and end up with the NX or the fuji duo.
Meanwhile, aperitivo.

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And in the evening, of course, the ladies!

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Mar 21, 2006
Interesting photos and write-up, but just a question:
would it be more relevant to post this thread in the Photo Galleries\Abstracts and Still Lives or in the Newbies Corner?

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