Fast N Furious : Tokyo Drift Launch @ Sentosa

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22 July 2006

Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore




Its been a long wait but HOTstuff is back with another mega event that's guaranteed to top all other incarnations. Being the quintessential birthplace of automotive clubbing, HOTstuff is ready to up the ante and challenge local car enthusiasts once more in 2006.

Over the course, a lot more new clubs have sprouted up, becoming extremely organized and featuring active members that range into the thousands. That's where Megaclub Mayhem 06 comes into play, HOTstuff LIVE! will also be host to Singapore's biggest car club meetup ever! What better way to celebrate this unique aspect of Singapore's automotive culture than with the magazine's very own HOTstuff LIVE! set alongside a very special screening of The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.


The event has been mainly broken down into two major segments, the screening of the movie by the beach, which takes place at 8pm and ends at 10pm and the actual event itself, which starts in the day and lasts all way into the night. The event will encompass a fun-filled, carnival-like atmosphere that will appeal to everyone, with contests, lucky draws, competitions, performances and free gifts. A total of more than 80 hyper active car clubs and automotive-related companies have been targeted to be part of HOTstuff LIVE!.

A definite draw will be a showcase of automotive power with SMSA's AutoGymkhana Series 02 (Carpark Rally-styled time attack courses) sponsored by HOTstuff Magazine. Fan of the movie may also get to have a first taste of what drifting is all about thanks to a special Drift showoff presented by our local and Malaysian D1 drivers and teams who are taking part in the D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Serious. Subaru will be on hand with their Imprezas ready to thrill crowds with a stunt performance of handling capabilities. Dress up car owners are not left out either as HOTstuff LIVE! will feature the people of DUKE with a massive display of the most stylish rides in Singapore. For audiophiles, IASCA will also be present with an Auto Sound Off that promises to change your view on car audio forever.

One of the D1 cars taking part in the drift demo will be the Blitz-Yokohama D1 Silvia below.

Apart from the action-packed events that will be carried out throughout the day, there will also be lucky draws, product displays and special discount hours by all exhibitors at their booths. Expect to see more than 30 over booths from the aftermarket industry and a super-sized flea market selling just about everything. Just for the family, there is even a Kyosho RC challenge where drivers and their families can partake in thrilling RC car challenges on a specially erected course designed to test the skill's of visitors. HOTstuff LIVE! is the automotive event of 2006. Be part of this explosive extravaganza coming to you this July!

Event: HOTstuff LIVE! Fast and Furious @ Sentosa

Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Time: 22 July 2006 Saturday

8am - 5pm (Event)

8pm - 10pm (Movie)

Tickets: $10 (Public)*

$8 (Car Clubs)*

Special Package: $12

include entrance to Sentosa (for one person) and parking at Siloso beach

(please note this does not include the price for admission of one vehicle into Sentosa)

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