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Joel Lim

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Dec 28, 2011
Hi All!

My Name is Joel Lim and I am a fashion photographer in Singapore. I was ELLE photographer of the year 2010 and have recently shot the 2012 AUDI Fashion Festival Campaign image.

I have been pretty lucky in my career as a photographer and would like to offer something back to the community, so I am starting a series of video tutorials to be posted on youtube absolutely free for all to see and learn.

I always found it hard and frustrating to get real insights into the world of fashion when I first started and would like to ease the process for some of you.

So with that in mind, I would like for you to contribute! Here are two things you guys and gals could do for me to make this series wonderful for everyone!

1. Send me your most pressing questions or topics that you want to find out about fashion photography or photography in general.

2. Set me a photo challenge! Find an image that you would love to recreate and let me do the work for you! In the space of a day I will try to replicate the lighting for that particular image and take you on that process with me.

What say you? Come on this journey with me and start learning!

Post here any images, comments and questions or...

Facebook: Joel Lim | Facebook
tweet: @unholy_moley

You guys can check out more of my work here: JO & JOE



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Mar 11, 2002
hi Joel,

Firstly welcome to the Clubsnap Photography Community and great to see that you're willing to give back (to the hobby) with this

I'll move this over to General Tech Talk as you and the guys will likely be discussing techniques and processes ..... you cool with that ?

and also featuring this thread in the Clubsnap Photography COmmunity fb page
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