Farm Rojak Event at National Stadium 8th June 2007

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Jun 16, 2003
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Not really photography related, more like creative works sharing session. Althought past events had some folks sharing their photos. This is quite a popular event last one had around 100+ folks squeezed into this very cool lofty apartment
, been looking forward to it for few months. Lotsa very interesting creative works

Maybe some A/P forumers will share their works on the next Rojak.
Don't miss this on 8th June 2007. its gonna be at the national stadium
Anyone wanna come along, perhaps we can meet up before for makan and some photoshoot around the stadium.

gimme a pm with your contact number


What is ROJAK?
Share! Learn! Speak your mind! Approach! Collaborate!!
ROJAK is a series of parties to celebrate and share local independent works.
Be it Art. Archi. Words. Music. Fashion. Food. Film. Anything Creative!
The purpose is to share your creative ideas with fellow Local Creators.
Thereby, learning from others, garnering feedback, and possibly collaborations.
ROJAK is very much inspired by Pecha Kucha Nights
from the lovely British, RCA-trained architects (in Tokyo) at Klein Dytham.
ROJAK wants to be the local creative platform where you, the Artist, the Creator, the Designer,
can meet, share, show, tell and respond (better still collaborate after).
The name ROJAK is derived from a Malay dish, a mixed salad of vegetables and fruit.
It is thus used locally to describe mixture and variety. (from the Coxford Singlish Dictionary)
ROJAK is free. Come one come all, even if you don't know us.
You are ALL invited! Bring wine/ liquor/ juice and friends to share :)
expand section Rules of ROJAK
1. Each ROJAK has its own starting time. 10 Creators with 10 slides each.
2. The slides should document a creative process of a recent/upcoming work.
It can be a single or multiple works linked by similar thoughts.
3. Each slide plays for 30 seconds during ROJAK. Happy sharing!
expand section Help ROJAK
We are always on a lookout for hosts, invitemakers, photographers, equipment.
and places where we can host ROJAK with 100-200 people.
Email us if you can share with us!
To know all about ROJAK, Register and become a FARMer
and we will send out news and invites directly to you.
ROJAK 08 "Save the Modern Building" Series

8th June 2007, Friday night 8pm
The National Stadium.
West Entrance. Under VIP Box.

1. Liew Hanqing, Film, Speaking Machinima
2. Shaun Koh, Film, a roMantic Mystery of Monster Mat rawk Mayhem laden with MSG
3. Chun Kaifeng, Art, Me, Myself and All
4. Little Red Dots, Art & Design, Joining the Dots
6. Ben Puah, Art, I AM BEN PUAH
7. Ping, Art, Understanding Felicity upon Catastrophe
10. Tan Szue Hann, Architecture, What is Your City? Creating your very own Cultural Cosmopolis!

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