Family Moments@ South West photog Video Competition

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Aug 29, 2004
Family Moments@ South West

Organised as part of the annual Family Fun-nival @ South West , Family Moments @ South West aims to:

(a) Celebrate the family togetherness and bliss among families by capturing the touching and light moments of family life; and

(b) Create and promote a conducive and pro-family South West District.

2. Comprising two competitions - photography and video, Family Moments @ South West is open to all residing in Singapore. The winning entries will be exhibited and prizes presented at the Family Fun-nival @ South West. Details of the two competitions are as follows :

A) Photography Competition

Entries of still photography can be submitted under any of the three categories, capturing shots based on the following theme:

(a) Children (under TWO (2) years old);
(b) Family (two generations); and
(c) Family (at least three generations)

There will be 3 top prizes and 5 merit prizes (as per Video Competition below) for each category.

B) Video Competition

Each entry will be captured on a two-minute video, focusing on light-hearted moments with children under FIVE (5) years old and "baby/child bloopers". The prizes are as follows:

First Prize: $1,500 + trophy
Second Prize: $1,000 + trophy
Third Prize: $500 + trophy
5 Merit Prizes: $100 each

3. Application for the Family Moments @ South West is open from 16 November 2004, and will close on
31 January 2005 (Video) and 18 February 2005 (Photo).

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