Eyes on Asia Travel Photography Getaway Lombok June 30th-July 4th

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Jun 24, 2007
Eyes on Asia Getaway Lombok 2011

The Eyes on Asia Getaways are a series of travel photography trips led by Award Winning travel photographer Felix Hug and his producer Jamie Boyd.

Each trip explores personally scouted locations. We enjoy each others company taking images, travel, wine and dine and stay in cosy hotels whenever possible.

While we take our images and photography seriously and try to improve on it, we have our priorities on the experience itself.

Our groups are intentionally small, with max 10-14pax and with more then 6 pax we travel with an additional guest photographer to give you additional advice with a different viewpoint.

Beginners and pros are both welcome.

We produce a coffee table book from each trip.

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Some of the highlights for 2011 Lombok:

@ Photo journalist James Rober Fuller is joining us

@ Photograph local life first hand

@ We stay at the luxurious Oberoi Lombok

@ We shoot our own baby turtles

@ Visit the Gili Islands by boat

@ Dine at the beach

@ we shoot our own "balinese" dancers

@ visit the famous waterfalls

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Still not convinced? Here is what some of our participants have to say ;):


"I know Felix and Jaime, the key members of Eyes on Asia for sometime now. Jaime is great at whatever she does. She makes you feel at home even at the remotest locations with her exceptional organising skills.

Well, when it comes to photography Felix is my Guru. Till now I have done 3 workshops with him. Two of them were Getaways: Siem Reap, Cambodia and Lombok, Indonesia. Both the time my respect for Felix as a teacher and photographer has grown manyfold.

During the trip, Felix was very patient; he would answer all my questions (sometimes most basic and silliest) in depth with theory and practical applications. He does not hesitate in sharing his vast experience as a professional travel photographer. Felix’s method of evaluating the photos on the spot (on LCD screen) is really helpful. I would like to quote Felix here, "Before you leave the scene, check your screen and look at the images. Do not walk away, unless you are certain you have what you came for. There is still time to take some more images, but once you packed up.. only regrets will remain, if you missed out on something". In moments when you are clueless Felix would click a photo with his camera to show you what he means. This is in particular helpful to understand the same subjects in a new light.

In spite of so many feathers in his cap, Felix does not have any air about himself. On the field he is just like a friend with authority on the subject.

I would highly recommend Eyes on Asia getaways to anyone, who is interested in travel and photography. It also goes without saying that I would go on these getaways as many times as possible."


"If you like travelling with time to snap awesome pics but not wanting to spoil the relaxation and enjoyment... Eyes On Asia getaways just the right thing for you...

I met Felix on a half day review in Singapore in 2008. But having a conversation with the laid back him, you can see and feel that he sees and interprets images / moments differently.

And being recently finishing an enjoyable 5days with EOA Chiang Mai getaway... I have learnt alot not just from Felix but also the other participants. On photography, on life, on travelling... etc...

It is a slow and steady trip taking into concerns everyone's pace and needs and abilities... everything is taken care of by the wonderful EOA producer Jamie... so again... let me summarize... if you like travelling, if you like photography... if you wish to relax and enjoy... EOA getaways are a must go..."


"Just putting an object on the side and having two thirds of space without anything going on, is rather pointless’, Felix told me when I went to a Saturday class of his. Realising that just following rules without really knowing why doesn’t make a lot of sense, but his statement did. So I tried it out and found it not always easy, but it helped me to give my pictures more depth.
Just this statement helped me so much in making my pictures more interesting that I really wanted to go on one of his getaways.
And believe me, I didn’t regret it. Everything was so well organisied by Jamie that we just could lean back and enjoy taking pictures, discussing different apertures and shutter speeds and comparing the results. Sometimes you realised even though you’ve been at the same spot, your pictures looked completely different.
It was a great environment to improve my photographic skills and I felt so at home with Jamie, Felix and James. It was just great. A big thank you to all of you."

Still doubts?:bigeyes:

@ Our trips have an incredible 50% repeater rate.
@ Felix has exclusive contracts with Lonely Planet, Getty Worldwide Assignments, Corbis, Photolibrary, SilkAir, Universal Resorts and Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, just to name some of the largest.
@ His images have been in the pages of National Geographic, GEO Germany, GEO Saison, Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure and countless more.
@ Covers of the bestselling LP guides Thailand, KL and Singapore Encounter.
@ 1st Prize Awards in Travel & Tourism photography in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.

S T I L L not enough??

:think: Maybe have a look at these behind the scene shot from our last trip?

Close enough to the action??

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