Eyes on Asia Getaway Chiang Mai 17th-21st November 2010

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Jun 24, 2007
Welcome to our Travel Photography Getaways!

All Getaways follow the same philosophy: Enjoy a destination with likeminded individuals while you improve on your photography.

Its important to us that you come home with a sense of achievement, as much as the feel that you really had a great time out and about.

We shoot during early morning and evening sessions on each Getaway to take advantage of the best light. After the morning session we have time for image critique and tips and tricks by two award winning photographers.

You have a chance to win a Canon G11 camera and your images will published in our own Getaway book.

Our trips are handpicked and not to be found in any travel agencies office.

We tailored them for you, based on our past trips to the region on various assignments.

Each trip is guided by the Eyes On Asia Team: Felix Hug (Winner at the the Travel Photographer of the Year Awards in London,UK) and Jamie Boyd (Director and Producer Eyes On Asia). Every trip we add another professional photographer, most of times from the region itself.
If you are interested in testimonials, like to sign up or look for more info?

Contact Jamie under: jamieboyd@eyesonasia.net

Chiang Mai-The classic Getaway trip! ;p

Felix says" Chiang Mai is our classic Travel photography Getaway trip. This has it all: People photography, culture and architecture and an amazing festival to close it out. To top it off the food is great and our lovely accommodation right in the centre of the old city. There is a reason this trip has been booked out last year quickly. If you are interested to come along don't wait to long. Its one of those trips we had already sign-ups before we even announced the new dates."

Some of our latest testimonials:

Madvhee says:

"I know Felix and Jaime, the key members of Eyes on Asia for sometime now. Jaime is great at whatever she does. She makes you feel at home even at the remotest locations with her exceptional organising skills.

Well, when it comes to photography Felix is my Guru. Till now I have done 3 workshops with him. Two of them were Getaways: Siem Reap, Cambodia and Lombok, Indonesia. Both the time my respect for Felix as a teacher and photographer has grown manyfold.

During the trip, Felix was very patient; he would answer all my questions (sometimes most basic and silliest) in depth with theory and practical applications. He does not hesitate in sharing his vast experience as a professional travel photographer. Felix’s method of evaluating the photos on the spot (on LCD screen) is really helpful. I would like to quote Felix here, "Before you leave the scene, check your screen and look at the images. Do not walk away, unless you are certain you have what you came for. There is still time to take some more images, but once you packed up.. only regrets will remain, if you missed out on something". In moments when you are clueless Felix would click photo with his camera to show you what he means. This is in particular helpful to understand the same subjects in a new light.

In spite of so many feathers in his cap, Felix does not have any air about himself. On the field he is just like a friend with authority on the subject.

This testimonial will not be complete without mentioning James (James Robert Fuller). His invaluable experience as a photojournalist gave a completely different perspective to look at things. You would rarely come across a teacher who would give in depth explanations like James does. As James put it aptly, what we learn during these 5-day workshops can be compared to years of self-learning.

I would highly recommend Eyes on Asia getaways to anyone, who is interested in travel and photography. It also goes without saying that I would go on these getaways as many times as possible."

"Mandy" says:

"If you like travelling with time to snap awesome pics but not wanting to spoil the relaxation and enjoyment... Eyes On Asia getaways just the right thing for you...

I met Felix on a half day review in Singapore in 2008. But having a conversation with the laid back him, you can see and feel that he sees and interprets images / moments differently.

And being recently finishing an enjoyable 5days with EOA Chiang Mai getaway... I have learnt alot not just from Felix but also the other participants. On photography, on life, on travelling... etc...

It is a slow and steady trip taking into concerns everyone's pace and needs and abilities... everything is taken care of by the wonderful EOA producer Jamie... so again... let me summarize... if you like travelling, if you like photography... if you wish to relax and enjoy... EOA getaways are a must go..."

Zoe says:

I feel lucky that I joined the getaway, especially given how beautiful the whole experience was. I can see why you have so many repeat participants!

About Eyes On Asia & Felix

"I believe that positive images can change the way we look at things. We launched the Getaway trips to bring together like minded individuals who enjoy travel & photography as a process and want to improve on their skills at the same time."
Eyes On Asia was founded in 2006 by Felix Hug (Director & Photographer) and Jamie Boyd (Director Representation/Production).
Unlike other photography teams, they make their living entirely within the world of travel imagery.

Over the past 3 years they established a network in the region visiting many destinations on assignments.

"I think the great thing about our Getaways is, that they are not out of the box. We have seen all the destinations ourselves and have handpicked the places we go. We established a network and connections over time allowing us to get more personal on our visits. As much as it's about photography, as much it is about the experience as a whole. People should come home with a full memory chip and a full heart. ;-)"
Awards: Felix is "Image of The Year Winner" at the AMERICAN PHOTO competition (New York), The "New York Photography Awards Winner" for the "Best Editorial Image of the Year", as well as the Travel Photography of The Year Awards (TPOTY London).

Felix has won first Prizes in big Photography Competitions in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Clients: Lonely Planet Books & Library, Banyan Tree Resorts, Universal Resorts (Maldives), Silk Air (Singapore Airlines), Asian Geographic.

Publications: Felix's images have been published in countless magazines around the globe including on the cover of National Geographic Traveler.

Some other publications include: The GEO magazines (GEO, GEO Saison, GEO International), Cosmopolitan, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast, Destin Asia, Outdoor Photography (UK & US), American Photo and many more. He writes a travel photography column for Asian Geographic Passport.

Exhibitions: Amongst other things his images were exhibited in London, Sydney and in the National Museum in Singapore.[/QUOTE]

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