Eye One Display 2 from Amazon

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Oct 10, 2005

Just to share. I have been looking for a calibrator and have read some of the posts here. I finally decided upon the Eye One. There were also some recommendations as to where to get them from. As usual, something I will routinely do, is to compare the prices with US sites like Amazon.

The Eye One Display 2 is going at US$199 on Amazon.com. I made a call to a dealer here and the quoted price was SGD$408 (after GST) or the lowest elsewhere at SGD$399.

And so I decided to give Amazon.com a go. Unfortunately, they don't ship certain stuff (including the Eye One) outside of US. So I was compelled to use the much dreaded Vpost, yet again. Anyway after an unusual smooth process, the delivery worked out to SGD$27.90. So all in all I'd spent approx. SGD$298. That's like $100 savings. However, it will be obvious that the product will have no valid warranty once it's here. But so far, I've purchased a host of things (including a telescope and a robotic floor cleaner) from the US and have had no issues.

So, I'm just sharing here. The greenback is taking a dive. Getting stuff from the States might be an alternative for those who are looking to save a bit here and there. Thanks for reading. :)


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Jun 14, 2002
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Good call - I bought mine from Amazon too (while the item was under J&R). However, vPost cost me $60(!) before discount because they used a large packing box... :sweat:

Anyway, it's quite a significant upgrade from my previous Eye One Display 1.

Actually, I think our devices are still supported by warranty - only that you'll need to send it back to X-Rite's office in HK for servicing. That was the impression that I got when I spoke to the tech support in the HK office.

Sep 14, 2007
If you have a couple of friends, can just combine shipment to get from amazon. Its good pricing after combining shipment and GST. :)

PM me if anyone is keen on the Eye-One Display 2.

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