Eye-One 2 quirks -- help needed please

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Mar 21, 2002
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I hope those who are using Eye-One 2 monitor calibration can kindly help me out here. I've been doing a lot of editing lately and I'm just not 100% confident with the Eye-One 2. Wonder if anyone has experienced these.

I find my 2 months old LCD monitor to be noticeably brighter with the Eye One 2 than when I used my old Spyder Pro calibrator on an old CRT screen. My eyes get uncomfortable after a short while as the screen looks really brighter than what I'm used to. I wonder if the Eye One 2 is responsible for it.

This is why I suspect something may be wrong:

1. The recommended Luminence setting in Eye One 2 is 110 (if I remember correctly). However, if I use that, my LCD screen appears very dark after calibration. So I did a Custom Luminence measurement and it returns a value of 203, which is way higher than the recommended value!

Anyway, I proceeded to use 203, and I next calibrated the Contrast and Brightness. The final values are 100% and 5% respectively. Are these typical values when you use the Eye One2 on your monitors?

In the past, with my CRT monitor+ SpyderPro, my Contrast is typically 100% and Brightness about 72% or so.

2. After calibration with the Eye One 2, when I adjusted my white point in Photoshop, even before the pixels hit the right edge of histogram (highlight clipping), the image on the screen looks very bright.

Or maybe I'm so used to CRT monitor? Will LCD screens portray images brighter than they are on CRTs/prints?

Please advise me! Thanks so much.

it could be because of the panel used in your LCD screen. what model is it exactly? i'm no calibration expert (never even tried hardware calibration yet) but i'm guessing it could be because of white level dithering

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