Extended Warranty from Best Denki and Harvey Norman

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Mar 21, 2004
Hi All,

Was going to buy a compact digicam from one of the good and reputable shops (TK Photo, MS Color, Alan Photo, CP, Lords... etc) but came across this extended warranty thing from Best Denki and Harvey Norman.

Best price quoted to me for the Sony DSC-W1 was $660 with GST... versus $749 from Best and Harvey. Best's 4 years extended warranty cost around $29 (4% of product cost price) and Harvey's 4 years extended warranty cost $110. A check with 2 of the sales staff from both department shop reveals that the warranty covers labour and parts replacement.... Isn't this too good to be true...

Question now is should I get from one of the reputable shops or from Best/Harvey, whereby i can get the extended warranty.... which I find is good if I want to sell the digicam 2 years down the road.... and it still has 3 years warranty left....

All comments welcome.....

last but not least.... any votes on which should I get for a compact digicam.... Canon S500, Sony DSC-W1, Casio Z40, etc.....

Sunny :think:

If you don't plan to change camera within the next 3-4 years, go ahead with the extented warranty. Make sure you ask properly what parts are under the warranty. drop on floor LCD broke got counted or not etc etc.

Don't go with Harvey's extented warranty cause it's more expensive. Anyway, they are still the same thing covered. It doesn't mean Harvey's warranty have more coverage. :)

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