Extended insurance for electrical appliances


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Feb 24, 2005
When you buy from electrical superstores like Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, etc...
are you often/always asked by the sales staff whether you want to buy extended warranty insurance - 3/4/5 years?
E.g. for TV, fridge, wireless telephone, hard disk DVD recorder etc...

So do you buy extended warranty insurance?

Have there been situations where you felt wah, lucky you bought the insurance or else repair bill very high.

It is probably a good source of income for the stores too.

Maybe makes sense to buy for fridge and big LED TV.

Bought extended warranty insurance for my wireless home phone and have never needed to activate it, and it expired after some years. Wasted some money.

Anyone bought such extended warranty insurance for a digital camera purchase - if there is one?

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Mar 11, 2002
Hong Kong
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I should have bought an extended warranty for my iMac G5 whose screen died a month after the warranty expired........

My Macbook battery died just after 3 months (got it replaced luckily)

Think useful for more expensive stuff.........

Some of these warranties are supposedly quite good, like if they can't repair it, they will replace it with the same model, or a newer one :) But that's what they say lah

Jul 31, 2007
I bought the extended warranty of up to 5 years for my Fujixerox Laser printer thinking that I should protect my investment in the recently cheap laser printer back in 2006.

Next time I knew, the prices for all the laser printers were dropping and it was becoming a commodity. This year, 3 +years later, the paper couldn't be feed and found out the repair procedure:

1. Call up a fixed number to get "permission" from this big electronics chain to repair.
2. Chain told that if the repair job cost more than $199 (the cost of my printer), then this chain will give me a new one.
3. After receiving "permission", bought my laser printer to FX repair shop.
4. FX repair shop had to check and feedback on the cost to repair to the chain.
5. Waited a few days for the chain to agree to repair.
6. Chain finally agreed to repair. Told me that my reminding value of next repair job is $199-129 (current repair job cost). If anything more, they will not honour it!!!!
7. Finally repaired by FX and returned to me.
8. I now have $70 worth of repair job if ever I need to do so in the next few months.

FYI. I paid extra $50 to extend the warranty for 5 years.

Is it worth it? Yes.

Is it worth the trouble? Only if you are patient.

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