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Jan 17, 2002
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Only professionals or those pple with company paid cameras use expensive cameras like Nikon D2X or Canon 1DsMKII???

Was covering an event once and one of the "company" cameraman who was using a high end cam (paid by company) commented that I was "unwise" to spend so much on my camera and equipment since I was only freelancing and not really a full-time photographer..

I just laughed it off as "an interest". (Was using a Canon 20D with some L lens)

This comment came when I mentioned that I was saving for a 1DMKII or 1DMKIIn...

Set me thinking but then again, I am still going to get that cam!!! haha...

At least my freelancing help to defray part of my "investment"...

Just ranting off...

Dec 8, 2004
Go for it. Buy the best equipment that you can afford. I'm sure to never make a living at photography, but I do enjoy the using great equipment. I think you had it right when you said that at least you could defray some of the equipment cost by freelancing. Every extra penny I earn through photography is a bonus to me. :thumbsup:


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Jul 24, 2002
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U're right abt defraying some cost of this expensive hobby by freelancing. After all, each click (SLR or DSLR) incurrs some cost (tangible & non-tangible).

There is no sin in a non full-time photographer getting a 1-series. In fact if u can find me a law or a rule that says, "1-series are only meant for working professionals", I will drop all thoughts of getting the 1-series in the future. :)

Its like what my old man had always said, "You are not doing big time business. Buy so good for what?"

And when I outgrew the camera and going nuts over the slug-slow speed, my old man would say, "Next time get the best. Like that can last you longer..."

Its like one of those Russell Peter jokes I'd heard. :D

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