Expeditions and Workshops in Thailand

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George Mann

Digital Photography Expeditions and Workshops in Thailand with veteran Professional Photographer, Writer and Computer Consultant - George Mann.

Writer of Bangkok Post - Database column - 'Digital Media Tools'

Based out of Bangkok for 25 years, I know every corner of Thailand.

Offering Digital Photo Expeditions and Workshops for small groups, using the Festivals of Thailand as the main subject matter. Other workshops in special photographic disciplines such as commercial and glamour are available.

We use and have available for testing, Nikon DSLR and Apple PowerBook computer equipment for all Expeditions and Workshops.

Individuals or Groups (up to 5) can be accomodated for any length of time and to any location.

Experienced in: Commercial, Travel, Glamour and Editorial photography.

Please contact George Mann - gmann@thailandxpat.com

We are also looking for someone to be our partner in Singapore.

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