Exibition: Shooting Home Class of 2005 (17 June to 16 July 2006)

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Jul 21, 2002
Shooting Home Class of 2005
17 June to 16 July 2006

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging, will host the works of photographers from the Shooting Home Class of 2005 at its gallery, epSITE. This exhibition is a reunion of nine aspiring photographers who have completed a rigorous one-year programme which tested the mettle of individual participants with the support and advise from a faculty of established photographers.

Shooting Home is an initiative by Objectifs and has been sponsored by Epson Singapore since its inception in 2003. It is an annual photography programme that aims to groom photography enthusiasts in Singapore into professionals and offer them an opportunity to break into the industry. The syllabus is designed to challenge the notion that Singapore lacks the support to sustain photography as a serious profession. Participants are selected from a group of passionate like-minded amateurs with varied and diverse backgrounds. Of the Shooting Home Class of 2005, there are two national servicemen, a trader, an IT specialist and a biochemist.

In "Shooting Home", the photographers challenged themselves to find stories and inspirations from their most immediate environment, Home. Aside from creating a body of work, participants are also exposed to the inner workings of the digital workflow and intricacies associated with professional digital imaging. Epson's support in terms of equipment has given participants imaging tools at their fingertips, and allowed them to develop a strong foundation for the appreciation of fine-art printing and presentation.

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